Why insects ?

A question often asked is: why eat insects?

We tried to list the 5 main reasons:

1. Edible insects are tasty
Each kind of edible insect has its own taste, a characteristic nuance, in some case very light, in others
more present. When tasted natural, many associate the taste with that of the toasted peanut, of the almond,
but obviously they can be flavored in every way.
The delicate taste of insect flour makes it particularly suitable for use in preparations such as pasta, pizza,
bread and cakes, becoming a perfect integration of traditional flours.

2. Edible insects are nutritious
Insects contain all the essential nutrients, especially complete proteins, fats, iron and zinc.
Proteins are one of the nutrients whose world demand is soaring, and the proteins contained in insects are
comparable to those contained in meat.

3. Edible insects are versatile
Given their nutritional characteristics, they are a perfect food to supplement the normal daily diet, in diets
to lose weight and in the nutrition of athletes, amateurs or professionals.

4. Edible insects are sustainable
Insects are much more efficient than the animals we currently breed in processing the food they eat and
turning it into protein. To be breed they need little space and little water, they reproduce quickly and their
life cycle involves the emission of very few greenhouse gases.

5. Edible insects fit the circular economy
Insects can be easily integrated in a circular economy where they act as real transformers of food waste in
new and precious proteins.

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