Fucibo chips with insect powder

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Fucibo is the first Italian company to produce edible insects-based foods.

The insect flour we use is authorized by the European Community and therefore our products can be marketed in all member Countries, in shops, supermarkets, bars, pubs and so on.

Do you have a business and want to offer your customers something absolutely innovative, healthy, delicious and sustainable?

Why insects ?

First of all because they taste great, in a way you don’t expect!

Then because they are rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, fiber, iron, zinc and omega-3, very nutritious and dietetics.
Crickets -for example- provide more than twice the protein, five times more magnesium and three times more iron than beef.

Insects are also more sustainable then usual livestock.

Insects are able to convert 2 kg of food in 1 kg of body mass, cattle instead require 8 kg of food to raise 1 kg of body mass. That’s a huge difference!

Edible insects breeding greatly reduces the needed amount of water and soil and greenhouse gases production: crickets, for example, produce 80 times less emissions than cattle.

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    Fucibo chips with insect powder
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