Corn crispy crackers with insect powder

Fucibo’s Sfogliette are corn crackers with insect powder, a product that perfectly meets the idea of a modern, healthy, sustainable and protein-rich (12%) diet.

These delicious thin, crunchy and light crackers are excellent to combine with cheeses and cured meats, sauces of all kinds, delicious chocolate creams and fruit jams but they are also excellent on their own, as a snack and during an aperitif.

Oven cooked.

Produced in Italy with EU-authorized insects flours and no use of preservatives, dyes or yeasts.


Corn flour, dried Tenebrio Molitor larvae (yellow mealworm) powder 10%, salt.


People who are allergic to shellfish, molluscs or dust mites may also be allergic to insects.

May contain eggs , milk, cereals containing gluten.

100 gr
Energy396 kcal (1679 kj)
of which saturates
3 gr
1.1 gr
of which sugars
78 gr
0.7 gr
Protein12 gr
Fibre2.2 gr
Salt2.9 gr
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