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Pasta is one of the Italian food excellences and our goal was to find the ideal recipe for which the inclusion of insect flour in the dough did not change the quality in terms of taste, texture and cooking stability.

In fact our pasta cooks in about 10 minutes, like the best traditional ones.
Made with the finest semolina and careful processing, organic and full of complete proteins.
Delicious squares of thin puff pastry made with sourdough and wheat flours derived from ancient 100% Italian stone-grounded varieties.
Fantastic as a base for finger food, to pair wine and beer tastings, to replace bread or simply as a snack.
Crunchy and light.
Baked. Covered with a balanced mix of sesame seeds, flax and poppy.
Organic and rich in complete proteins.
Extruded corn chips cooked in the oven and flavored with pizza, onion and cheese.
This line of products is specifically designed to approach the consumer with something extremely recognizable such as potato chips, reducing the psychological effect induced by tasting insects for the first time.
Not fried.
Made with the best varieties of corn and careful processing, organic and full of complete proteins.


Our products are available now.

All the products are produced in Italy, using only top quality ingredients.

The insect powders used in our products are authorized by the EU and are supplied by one of the the largest and most reliable European manufacturer.

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