Our Chips are on the market!

Here we go!
Our chips are officially the first Italian product with insect flour to hit the market!

Fucibo_tenebrio_chips_pizzaIt has been a long wait for us too, things have not always been easy as you can imagine, but with passion, hard work, enthusiasm and investments every problem could be solved.

Fucibo_tenebrio_chips_cheeseFor the recipe we used only top quality ingredients and natural flavors, no additives, preservatives or dyes. Our extruded corn chips are baked in the oven and therefore healthier, they contain double the protein and half the fat than traditional ones.

And what about the insect flour? With its extraordinary nutritional properties: rich in iron, vitamins and all 9 essential amino acids. The one we use in our products is obviously authorized by the European Community, to guarantee our customers not only the highest quality but also compliance with the food safety&hygiene regulations.


Now you just have to try them, Pizza or Parmesan Cheese flavor doesn’t mind because we are sure you will find them delicious anyway! In addition to being innovative, sustainable, fun and even intelligent.

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