Cricket flour

Cricket flour, uses and recipes

There are many reasons to choose foods made with cricket flour or other edible insects and why we should start introducing them in our diet.

In Europe, one of the first to talk about and support their consumption is the FAO, which in 2013 released the report entitled Edible insects – Future prospects for food and feed security.

First of all, insect farms for food purposes are much more sustainable than beef or pork farms. Insects require much less space and far less water and other resources. Not only farming, but also the production of insect-based foods is done through processes that result in lower carbon emissions and fewer chemicals.

In addition, insects grow and reproduce much faster than other animals, which would be a valuable solution to food shortages that have plagued many areas of the world. Last but not least, breeding insects has very little risk of spreading disease or epidemics, which is a huge relief to our health systems.

In addition to being eco-friendly commodities that could really help reduce the problem of world hunger, insects are also healthy and natural. A dish made from crickets or products with cricket flour is in fact much healthier than a dish of pork or veal.

Let’s find out why.

Everything you need to know about cricket flour

The use of cricket flour represents a valid alternative for those who do not feel quite ready to consume the same insects cooked or raw yet, as it happens, for example, in several Asian countries.

In order to obtain the flour, crickets (especially the ones belonging to the Acheta domesticus species) are dried and then ground. From a visual point of view, the result is therefore very far from the original product. Flour, moreover, leaves plenty of room for creativity in cooking: as we will see in the following paragraphs, its versatility makes it a perfect ingredient for baked goods as well as a valid protein supplement in completely different preparations.

Nutritional value of cricket flour

Specifically, what is the nutritional contribution that a good dish of pasta or a bar made of cricket flour can give to the body?

Cricket flour is first of all, an excellent source of complete proteins, that is those proteins which contain all nine amino acids necessary for our bodies to function. Another very important aspect is the vitamin and mineral contribution: cricket flour is in fact rich in calcium, iron and in the vitamins of groups B2 and B12.

Moreover, being low in sugars and carbohydrates, foods made of cricket flour are perfectly suited to be included in the diet of people who have to watch their weight, as well as in the diets of athletes, children, elderly people and, in general, of people who suffer from cardiovascular pathologies. This is why a dish made of insects is much healthier and more complete than the classic meat dish.

Finally, being a gluten free flour, it is also perfect for people suffering from celiac disease.

Let’s remember that, besides having remarkable nutritional value which brings numerous benefits to the human body, cricket flour is also very good for the environment. As a matter of fact, it is obtained without the use of chemical substances such as antibiotics and pesticides and by means of processes which have a much lower environmental impact than other processes.

Where to find cricket flour

At the moment, the easiest and most immediate way to buy cricket flour products, as well as the flour itself, is to surf the web and buy it online.

On the Fucibo website, for example, the first 100% Italian products made from edible insects will soon be available.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in buying cricket flour, because maybe you want to challenge yourself by preparing an excellent homemade protein bread or fresh pasta, we suggest you take a look at the e-commerce portal of 21bites, a retailer specialized in edible insect-based foods that works with the best producers in the European Union.

Uses and recipes with cricket flour products

Thanks to its delicate flavor that lends itself to both sweet and savory, cricket flour can be used in cooking in numerous dishes.

The most frequent use is as an ingredient for the production of bread and homemade pasta. But not only: cricket flour can also be used to make dough for buns, crackers, pizzas, cakes and protein bars. The same is true for cookies: these will be particularly appreciated by those who want to have a tasty snack with a high protein content, perfect for a break at any time of the day.

Another tasty idea are pancakes: in this case, it is useful to substitute some of the flour contained in the recipe with a portion of cricket flour.

Finally, cricket flour works also as a simple protein supplement: combined with smoothies and fruit juices or with some vegetable and legumes sauces, it gives you a high protein meal or snack, perfect for an athlete’s diet and more.

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