Cookies with edible insects powder

When it comes to edible insects, many people imagine a plate full of dried whole grasshoppers. Nothing could be further from reality.

At Fucibo we work exclusively with insect flour, we use it to make traditional italian products with a high innovation content and extraordinary nutritional properties.

Corn flour, eggs, butter, brown sugar, lemon flavoring, Bourbon vanilla and … of course insect powder.
These are the ingredients of our biscuits, simple and of high quality for a delicious recipe of the italian tradition, perfect for breakfast or as a snack at any moment of the day.

We had to experiment a lot to find the right recipe, but from today you can find them available in the two versions Classic and Cacao, to satisfy all palates.

Made in Italy with love, passion and insect flour authorized by the EU.

What are you waiting for to try them?

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